Customer Watch: The Romantic Personality

A soft, graceful look is the core of the Romantic personality, also known as the Feminine personality in referring to women’s style, the fourth of the seven personality styles described by Alyce Parsons in the Universal Style™ System, a system of identifying and categorizing styles used by image consultants around the world.


The woman who prefers this style is likely to wear her hair in soft waves or curls. Her dress is demure and ladylike, with relatively unstructured styles of clothing that flow over the body in a loose-fitting hourglass shape. You’re more likely to see her in a dress or jacket and skirt than pants. The details of her ensemble are delicate and pretty. This detail may include decorative buttons, bows, lace, appliqué, embroidery, gathers or smocking. She typically wears pastels and small scale prints.


In jewelry, the Romantic personality gravitates toward the most feminine and girlish selections. She favors floral, ribbon and bow designs. She typically likes antique and vintage pieces featuring delicate lacy openwork or other fine details. The lines in her jewelry are soft and rounded. Bracelets are delicate and worn loosely on the wrist. Charm bracelets are a favorite. Necklaces are also delicate and of short or medium length. Brooches contain fine detail and often reflect romantic themes. Cameos and intaglios are likely to appeal to this customer. Lockets are a great choice as a gift for this woman.


[Illustration by Haelyn Lee from 
Jewelry Savvy: What Every Jewelry Wearer Should Know]

The Romantic personality is very much a personal style choice. A woman who is essentially required to dress in Traditional style for work, for instance, may prefer this much less businesslike, more feminine look for after-hours.


Your prettiest, most delicate jewelry and your antique selections will likely be of interest to the customer with the Romantic personality. She loves the finishing details, and jewelry is an important accessory.


In a world filled with people, more often than not, dressing in sporty apparel, so much of it, I’m sorry to say, outright sloppy, you can easily identify the Romantic personality by her pretty and ladylike dressing.


Look through your inventory and give some thought to which designs and which specific pieces might be appropriate choices for the customer who is the epitome of the Romantic personality.

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