Customer Watch: The Dramatic Personality

Over the last several weeks, I’ve written about the sporty, traditional, elegant, feminine, alluring and creative personality styles. Understanding how to identify the personality style of your customers can help you assess what pieces from your inventory are likely to be of interest to various customers and ultimately can help you increase your sales.


The seventh and final personality type derived from Alyce Parsons’ landmark image consulting analysis, the Universal Style(TM) System, is the dramatic personality.


This is the customer who walks into your store with a flourish and the full knowledge that she looks (and is!) fabulous, what you might think of as star style. This is not about sex appeal, which is the alluring personality. This style is personified by Meryl Streep’s character in “The Devil Wears Prada” – Miranda Priestly striding into the Runway offices, flinging her coat and purse at her attentive assistant. This customer, walking into your store, demands your immediate and complete attention.


The dramatic personality is likely to wear strong color contrast, with black and white or black and red being favored, but she might also be original enough to wear combinations like red and hot pink. Her hair is typically worn sleek or otherwise well-cut and highly styled, whatever its length. Her overall style from head to toe is so well defined and refined that she may appear intimidating to those less self-confident than she.


This customer demands jewelry with presence that befits her own magnificent style. She will prefer bold pieces of jewelry – cuffs, earrings, brooches, necklaces and of course rings—that command attention. She may prefer to wear one statement piece at a time, or she may enjoy wearing a suite of well-chosen pieces. She will want to see your most fabulous jewelry. And she will want pieces that are on the cutting edge of trends, not yesterday’s news.


She has the potential to be an extremely profitable customer and, as a style setter, she may inspire others to follow her lead and shop at your store. Be aware that she will expect superior customer service, and you need to meet, if not exceed, her expectations if you are to court this woman as a customer.


If Miranda Priestly walked into your store today, what jewelry would you show her? Can you meet her very high expectations with confidence?


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