Customer Watch: The Creative Personality (and a Naked Woman!)

Maybe she’s completely unpredictable from day to day in her appearance, or maybe she wears an eclectic but relatively consistent signature style. Either way, this woman has a unique viewpoint of style and what pleases her. She’s an original.


She doesn’t have to be as eclectic as the characters in Grey Gardens, by any means! But if you’d like to be inspired by eclectic to the nth degree, look at the fashion spread inspired by those characters in the October issue of Harper’s Bazaar.


(Photo of Lauren Hutton and Mary-Kate Olsen from the October 
2007 issue of Harper’s Bazaar by Peter Lindbergh.)


Some creative personality types dress in what might be considered “costumes,” various head-to-toe looks that only work in one particular combination. I attended college with a young woman who embraced this fashion philosophy. One day she’d look preppy with straight hair and her pullover sweater, plaid skirt and loafers; the next day she’d be in something vaguely hippie with wild curls, a long Indian skirt and sandals, and so on. Each ensemble had its own jewelry that worked for that ensemble and no others. Other types of creative dressing that might be considered costume dressing are Goth and a wide variety of ethnic styles.


More typical than the head-to-toe costume dresser, however, is the collector, who falls in love with very special pieces of jewelry and wears them in her own creative way, sometimes in unusual combinations. She is imaginative and unconventional, and she thinks that rules were meant to be broken. She might well put a piece of wearable art jewelry with a conservative business suit if she happens to work in corporate America.


You will recognize this customer immediately by her dress and choice of adornment, and you may be surprised at what she is interested in seeing from your inventory. What you won’t find this woman wearing or wanting is anything demure or ordinary. She loves unusual shapes and sizes of jewelry. She loves the element of surprise.


Taking the creative personality to the extreme, and to answer the question you may have been waiting to have answered, there really is a naked woman in this discussion.


In her interview for the above-referenced issue of Harper’s Bazaar, Mary-Kate Olsen, who is 21 years old, shared this tidbit about her personal habits: “I run around my house naked with heels all the time. It’s so funny. All my friends will tell you I love running around in kimonos and jewelry or naked with jewelry.” Now THAT is the true creative personality.

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