Customer Watch: High-Set Ears

In teaching my new Jewelry Savvy Workshops, I have been pulling together a wealth of images that explore the differences in physical features from one person to the next. One surprising result is the realization of the extreme range of differences in the height of the ears.


I’ve previously discussed how a long neck provides the wearer with the opportunity to enjoy longer drop earrings because there is more space in which to display a beautiful pair of dangling chandeliers or other large and elaborate design. The placement of the ears themselves also contribute an important role in a determination of the size and shape of earrings that will be most attractive on a woman.


For the average person, the bottom of the ears lines up approximately with the bottom of the nose. Some ears are set lower. And, as the photos will show, some are set much higher. Remember that the photo must show the face straight-on forward, or else the determination or ear height can be skewed by the angle that the face is tilted. Let’s look at some photos. 


For those lucky individuals with high-set ears, such as Debra Messing and Natalie Portman, the universe of earrings styles that will be flattering is expansive. Look to the features of the face and such factors as colors, textures and scale to help your customers choose the optimal styles.


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