Customer Watch: Cleft Chins (and Some Very Handsome Faces)

One feature not to be overlooked as you consider the design elements of a face, is a cleft chin. The cleft chin, sometimes called a “chin dimple,” is an indentation in the center of the chin, and has been a feature on the faces of some notably handsome faces.


              [Left, Kirk Douglas c. 1962; right, Jason Lewis 2008]

This feature is more frequently seen on men than women. Esteemed actor Kirk Douglas is well known for his chin dimple. A current cinema heartthrob who wears his cleft chin well is Jason Lewis of “Sex and the City” fame. John Travolta and Robert Mitchum also share this trait. An example of a female celebrity with this feature is Elisha Cuthbert. 


          [Elisha Cuthbert]

Perhaps the cleft chin reached iconic status as a desirable facial feature in the person of Cary Grant, whose photo I am delighted to have an excuse for dropping into my blog!


  [Cary Grant. Note how the dimples in the tie bring emphasis to the dimple in his chin.]

According to the information currently provided on Wikipedia, the cleft chin is an inherited trait caused by a dominant gene. It is essentially a Y-shaped fissure resulting from the incomplete fusion of the left and right halves of the jaw.


The dimple appears at the center of the jawline, and is a feature easily emphasized with a pendant, necklace design element or brooch worn near the dimple and mirroring its shape if not also its size. A dimpled design can also be employed in earrings, with repetition of the design element bringing emphasis to it. For the gentlemen, the manner of tying a necktie can echo the dimple.


Needless to say, given its history as a facial feature on some extraordinarily attractive individuals, the cleft chin is a feature well worn highlighting with jewelry when possible. Let me end my posting today with another photo of Mr. Grant. :-)