Currently Coveting: The Trillion-Cut Gemstone

I don’t know why, or how it happened, but I seem to be looking at the trillion cut with fresh eyes, like it’s something I’ve never seen before, and I really like what I see. Maybe it’s because I’m seeking it out, or it’s possible that a new trend is on the rise, but I’m finding that I’ve encountered a flurry of trillion-cut stones in the last couple of weeks. Triangles are a trending shape in jewelry design, where negative space takes the three-point form in numerous pieces, so it makes sense that the look would be taken to the next level with gemstone cuts. I have yet to see many engagement rings with the cut—and though it would be interesting to see this shape overtake the cushion cut, I highly doubt it will. What I have found are a number of really beautiful rings, earrings, and pendants in all manner of colored gemstones set into quite a range of designs. Here are some of my findings below, and if we’re onto something, it might be a good idea to take stock of your trillion cuts before the holiday season. Is this the new hottest cut we’re craving? I think it just may be.


Sylvie Collection tanzanite trillion and diamond ring

Sylvie Collection

Rahaminov trillion diamond stud earrings

Rahaminov Diamonds

Parle Jewelry Designs trillion-cut tanzanite and diamond ring

Parlé Jewelry Design

SilverMasterpiece Swiss blue topaz trillion drop earrings


Yael Designs Cleopatra trillion peridot ring

Yael Designs

Spark green paraiba trillion and yellow sapphire pendant


Shy Creation fancy yellow diamond trillion pendant

Shy Creation

Ande Jewelry trillion citrine and diamond ring

Ande Jewelry

Ian Saude for Kaiser Gems Bouquet earrings

Ian Saude for Kaiser Gems

Parade Design rose gold ruby trillion ring

Parade Design



Dada Arrigoni Colors collection trillion amethyst and hoop earrings

Dada Arrigoni