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A Peek Inside Curio at Faena Bazaar, Miami’s Chicest Fashion Emporium


Over the past decade, luxury fashion retailers have emerged as some of the fine jewelry world’s most influential denizens, skilled at dressing their clients in statement-making fashions and accessorizing them with designer jewels to match.

Curio at Faena Bazaar is one such emporium. Founded by Jeff Lasota and Danielle Licata in December 2019, the store is situated at the center of the Faena district in Miami’s Mid-Beach neighborhood. It spans more than 15,000 square feet across three floors, comprising various distinct spaces, many dedicated to women’s fashion. As of last year, a renovated and expanded section on the ground floor (accessible from Collins Avenue) caters to men.

Curio photo by Gabriel Matarazzo
The women’s floor of Curio at Faena Bazaar

“While we embrace the convenience of online shopping, our physical store offers an immersive experience that we believe is irreplaceable,” Lasota tells JCK. “We strive to provide customers with compelling reasons to relish in-person shopping.” Amen!

Below, Lasota explains Curio’s perspective on retail (hint: discovery is key), and where jewelry fits into the mix.

How would you describe Curio’s fashion point of view? And who is your core customer?

At Curio, our ethos revolves around the unexpected and a meticulously curated perspective. We prioritize style over fleeting trends, seeking out luxury pieces that endure the test of time. This might manifest in a uniquely designed dress from Carolina K or Silvia Tcherassi, showcasing exquisite craftsmanship, or in the form of a flawlessly tailored blazer from Jil Sander. Our customers value our curation for the opportunity to discover brands and styles that are rarely found elsewhere.

Curio womens store
“Our physical store offers an immersive experience that we believe is irreplaceable,” Curio cofounder Jeff Lasota says.

Our clientele gravitates towards maximalist styles that exude high impact, featuring esteemed brands such as Carolina K, Dolce & Gabbana, and Alemais. Conversely, we also excel in catering to those who prefer refined and understated aesthetics, with brands like JBQ, Hevron, and Posse garnering significant appreciation.

What is Curio’s approach to fine jewelry? Can you tell us some of the designers you stock and why they are right for the store? 

In our jewelry department, we adopt the same approach as we do with our ready-to-wear collection: offering customers pieces that stand out and evoke a sense of the unexpected. We place great emphasis on the element of discovery, recognizing its significance in enhancing the shopping experience. Particularly during vacations, jewelry often serves as the perfect keepsake, encapsulating memories of the trip.

Curio jewelry display
Curio’s jewelry display

We’ve garnered significant success with Wish Fine Jewelry, Yanina & Co. Fine Jewelry, and Leticia Linton Design. Additionally, we regularly host pop-ups featuring esteemed jewelry vendors throughout the year, ensuring a constant rotation of new brands to captivate our clients. S. Carter Designs, with their more bohemian vibe, have been particularly well received among our clientele.

S. Carter Designs disco diamond earrings
Disco Diamond earrings in silver with sliced diamonds, $2,195; S. Carter Designs 

What kind of jewelry is trending now among your clients?

We excel in offering necklaces and earrings that make bold statements. Colored gemstones of all varieties have proven to be highly impactful and popular among our clientele. At our store, we have a passion for layering and take pleasure in assisting clients with layering techniques, whether it’s layering necklaces or stacking bracelets.

Curio mens store
The recently renovated men’s floor at Curio

Why did you decide to renovate your men’s store?

Since our opening, we’ve dedicated significant effort to expanding our women’s fashion section. However, we realized the need to cater more comprehensively to our male clientele. What initially began as a corner for men’s apparel has now evolved into occupying the entire first floor of our store. We’ve observed a considerable number of male customers walking through our doors, yet we’ve noticed a gap in the retail market for men seeking fashion that’s stylish without being overly trendy or conforming to fashion stereotypes.

How does jewelry fit into the mix at the new men’s store?

We’re exploring the possibility of hosting trunk shows; however, it’s worth noting that we do not currently offer any fine jewelry for men.

Which 2024 jewelry trends are you most excited about?

We still have a strong affinity for bold link designs in both necklaces and bracelets. Yellow gold remains a beloved choice among our collections. Statement earrings continue to capture our attention, along with the allure of oxidized metals.

S. Carter Designs turquoise earrings
Carved turquoise feather earrings in silver with diamonds, $1,075; S. Carter Designs 

Top: The Collins Avenue entrance to Curio at Faena Bazaar, in Miami’s Mid-Beach neighborhood (all photos courtesy of Curio at Faena Bazaar)

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By: Victoria Gomelsky

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