Crown Jewels From Dada Arrigoni for Everyone’s Inner Princess

Whimsical motifs in jewelry have been prominent for pretty much as long as I can remember, since I snagged my first princess pendant from (where else?) Disney World. The demand for snake jewelry has soared this year as expected—2013 is, after all, the Chinese zodiac’s “Year of the Snake.” We’ve spotted a menagerie of blinged-out critters, along with sideways crosses, monograms, and even swords (which I think is pretty darn cool). The latest motif to steal the scene? The crown. Maybe we can attribute that to our obsession with the British royal family—baby watch is in full swing! And that Disney pendant I spoke of earlier? Admittedly a better fit for the little lady and preteen crowd. But this collection from Dada Arrigoni, appropriately dubbed Princess, is all grown up. The Italian jewelry designer delights us with diamond accents in a collection made with white, rose, and black gold, in the form of rings, bracelets, pendants, and earrings. The aesthetic is sweet yet sleek, particularly in the ring and bracelet designs, which would fit right in with an assortment of stacked jewels in any style. Put simply, it’s a fabulous, fun line worthy of any jewelry collection that gives us an excuse to embrace our inner royalty. You can bet I’m in. Are you?

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Dada Arrigoni Princess crown rings

Dada Arrigoni Princess crown bracelet


Dada Arrigoni Princess drop earrings


Dada Arrigoni Princess crown ring


Dada Arrigoni Princess pendant

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