Creative and Fun Bridal Website Features

This is part five of a five-part series.

Smyth Jewelers 

Timonium, Maryland

Andy Malis, president of MGH, has many retail jeweler clients.
Over the years he has provided them with some incredibly clever
solutions to growing their bridal business. One such client is Mark
Motes, COO of Smyth Jewelers.

Malis and his staff created, a bridal jewelry
customer dedicated website for Smyth Jewelers customers looking
not only for products, but also some ways to add a little romance and
creativity to popping the question. In terms of actual product help, the
dedicated website has a diamond education center and a Ring-Builder
section where young couples can create their rings online. 

Count up clock

But that’s just scratching the surface of the many online
resources the dedicated website offers. The “After Yes” section is
essentially an online wedding planner, with links to everything from
florists to caterers, all in desktop- or mobile-device-friendly Google
Map accessibility.

Of all the useful information sections, two personal fun
favorites are the “Dating Duration Timer” and the “Panic Button.”  The
Dating Duration Timer is essentially a “count-up” clock to a hoped-for
engagement day. Users, mainly women, fill in their name, the name of
their boyfriend, the recipient’s email address, the day, month and year
of the couple’s first date, and, if desired, a brief message. Then, a
count-up clock is sent by email.

“It’s a fun, interactive and hugely popular feature we’ve done
for about six or seven retailer clients,” says Malis. “But Smyth’s is
the only we’ve tracked closely. To date, over 100,000 couples have used
the Dating Duration Timer since summer 2008 when it was first

Another clever feature for people who want to discreetly look for
bridal jewelry either at work or at home is the dedicated website’s
“Panic Button.” The panic button moves up and down as the user scrolls
any given web page from top to bottom. Should the need to quickly
conceal the user’s bridal surfing online, click on the panic button and
it takes them to a fake news website. The Panic Button news website has
actual up-to-the-minute news feeds of national and international news,
but menu bar options on the left-hand portion of the screen are dead
links to give the faux news page a more real appearance.  

Panic button
The panic button takes users
to and from a fake news website with live feeds for discreet jewelry shopping.

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