Could the Bitcoin Engagement Ring Replace the Diamond? (We Think Not)

Courtesy the BTC Ring

Examples of silver bitcoin rings

Millennials may not be embracing diamond engagement rings with the same fervor as previous generations, but somehow we don’t think this is what they’ll be replacing them with. 

The BTC ring, or, the bitcoin ring, features an inscription of the address of a bitcoin wallet that holds the value of the ring. The designer’s motto: “The only bitcoin ring that marries real value and design. Don’t store your value in a rock, store it in a block.” 

The idea is that the “real value” of a wedding ring is knowing how much it is worth, so the ring is a reminder, and a link to, an actual account filled with dollars, er, bitcoin. 

How much will a BTC ring set you back? Whatever your deem an amount worthy of your betrothed. The designer has provided a OpenSCAD file to be used with your own 3-D printer for free or recommends two printing services, one for silver rings and one for plastic. 

A cheeky video made by creators has two botched engagements with traditional rings, one where the ring is lost and one where the diamond is scoffed at for being a blood diamond. In the BTC ring proposal, the man presents the ring, the woman pulls out her phone and checks the value of it, and they live happily ever after.

Insurance and proper sourcing can make up for worries about loss or origin. The design of the BTC ring, however, leaves a lot to be desired.