Cool Idea: Brian Gavin’s Online Cufflink Designer

Houston-based online retailer Brian Gavin Diamonds has debuted a cool new tool for shoppers looking to put their own design stamp on a pair of fine jewelry cufflinks. 

The e-comm website now features a Create Your Own Cufflinks module that takes users through the process of designing a pair of semi-custom cufflinks. 

The user-friendly process works like this: Users select a shape for their cufflinks (round, square, oval, emerald), then choose from three premade metal designs, all of which feel stately and classic. Next, shoppers pick one of four metals—platinum or 14k white, rose, or yellow gold—and are able to chose different metals for the front and back of the design, should they want a two-tone look.

Finally, users choose a center gemstone and accent stones from a selection comprising white diamonds, rubies, and orange, yellow, and blue sapphires.

The pretax cost for each design gets tabulated—and is visible—on the bottom right corner of the module as the piece is being created, allowing buyers to make design choices based on budget. 

The new tool echoes the sophisticated design of Gavin’s online diamond finder—the type is white against a dark gray background. And it’s equally delightful to navigate. 

(Screenshot courtesy of Brian Gavin Diamonds)


JCK Magazine Editor