Cool Collaboration: Elena Kriegner and Immunocologie

I usually eat snails, but now I can take them with me wherever I go—and in a couple of different forms—thanks to jewelry designer Elena Kriegner, her sister Herta, and skin care company Immunocologie.

Kriegner shares office space with her graphic designer kin, and when Herta was recently designing packaging for cosmetics firm Immunocologie’s Super 7 Elixir Face—made from snail mucin—skin care execs in the office pondered appropriate contents for a press kit. Kriegner was sitting close by and happened to be wearing one of her own snail ring designs in silver, which she showed them. Turned out it was a perfect addition to their pitch, which would include a sample of the product along with information about the firming lotion, which very much looks and feels like snail slime when applied.

Immunocologie's Super 7 Elixir made from snail mucin

Immunocologie’s Super 7 Elixir Face, made from snail mucin

(Though the idea of the slippery, nutrient-rich snail secretion may inspire some “Eew, that’s gross!” reactions, I don’t doubt the elixir’s restorative capabilities after meeting fine-line-free company owner Karen Ballou of Lucas Brand Equity last weekend.)

So Kriegner made a unique snail style for the brand and cast 70 individual rings for editors to receive. The style she made featured a slightly adjustable split bypass shank in silver with a snail motif set atop. It can be worn as a ring or fastened to a chain or ribbon to wear around the neck.

A silver snail ring made by Elena Kriegner for skin care maker Immunocologie's Super 7 Elixir made from snail mucin

The silver snail ring made by Elena Kriegner for the press kit for Immunocologie’s Super 7 Elixir Face

The snail is a departure from Austria-born Krieger’s signature style of geometric-inspired interchangeable looks, but it resides in her collection because of her love of the water. “I like the beach, and I like the ocean,” she explains. “And this is the only way to bring the ocean directly home with me.”

Elena Kriegner's snail ring made for a skin care firm's press presentation

Elena Kriegner’s snail ring

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