Company to Launch Branded HPHT Diamonds at JCK Las Vegas

Suncrest Diamonds, a sister company to Sundance Diamonds, will launch the industry’s first collection of branded high pressure high temperature processed yellow diamonds at JCK Las Vegas, called Suncrest Yellow Diamonds. 

This is the first time that Orem, Utah-based Sundance Diamonds has organized a separate company that will market fancy yellow diamonds processed using its HPHT technology.

“With the growing popularity and market growth of yellow diamonds, Sundance felt this was the right time,” said Louis Pope, president of Suncrest and Sundance. “While others are trying to market synthetic and irradiated yellows, we believe the consumer will resonate to a beautiful natural processed yellow diamond at an attractive price point.”

The only real difference between a Suncrest yellow diamond and a natural yellow diamond is that the pressure and heat used to create the color occurs after the diamond has been mined instead of deep inside the earth, Pope said. 

Suncrest plans to offer fancy, intense, and vivid yellow diamonds in three color categories: Yellow, Golden Yellow and Orange/Yellow. Sizes will range from .25 ct. to over 10 cts.

The Suncrest yellow diamond will further distinguish itself by being the only natural yellow processed diamond that has complete color saturation throughout the stone, Pope said. Additionally, as with Sundance Diamonds, the HPHT process used to enhance the color of Suncrest products results in a permanent color. This color cannot be changed or altered in any way, and the company guarantees the color of its diamonds for life.

At JCK Las Vegas, Sundance Diamonds will be actively organizing partnerships with distributors and retailers throughout the world.

Their new website,, to be launched on May 15, will provide additional important information about Suncrest Diamonds and the process of color improvement.  A retailer locater and product listing of Suncrest Diamonds will also be available.

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