Company Offers New Detector for Synthetics

Jubilee Diamond Instrument Ltd. has released the Taupe Diamond Segregator, an affordably priced device meant to help detect lab-grown and HPHT-treated diamonds.

As with other machines of this nature, the device, sold under the Gemlogis brand, measures UV light transmission to identify a diamond as Type IaB, IIa, or IIb. If a diamond falls into one of those categories, it must be sent to a gem lab for final identification as synthetic or HPHT-treated. It also flags moissanite and simulants.

The tester evaluates stones from 0.2 ct. to 12 ct., and carries a relatively modest price tag: $589.

According to K.L. Tam, technical director for Hong Kong–based Jubilee, the company may develop a version to bulk-test melee if there is demand. The company is also looking at a fixture that could examine mounted stones.


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