Company Develops “Affordable” Synthetic Diamond Screener

Hong Kong–based Diamond Services has introduced a new technology that it says will let diamond companies screen both loose and mounted synthetic diamonds.

Yossi Kuzi, owner of Diamond Services, said that his “affordable” device is based on laser optics.

“We have run tests on batches of up to 1,000—HPHT and CVD—with complete success,” he said in a statement.  

He added that some of the synthetic screeners on the market may not be keeping up with new technology.

“The screening methods of these instruments are invariably based on the assumption that all synthetic diamonds belong to the Type IIa category, and on these tools’ ability to measure the fluorescence of the diamonds,” he said. “However, recently the industry was confronted with synthetic diamonds that belong to the Type IaAB category, which cannot be detected by means of fluorescence measurements. This, for all practical purposes, means that the instruments that currently serve gem labs and the industry at large have become, if not obsolete, at least less reliable.”

The new screening system will be launched at the upcoming Hong Kong Jewellery and Gem Fair in March.

UPDATE: A few months after this announcement, the Hong Kong lab announced the Type 1aAB stone was in fact natural.




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