Coming Attractions!

With thanks to my Jewelry Savvy co-author and former co-blogger, Caroline Stanley, for getting me hooked on blogging, I’m excited about the changes you’ll see to this blog:


A New Name: 

Since only one of the original “jewels” will be blogging, the name “Jewels on Jewels” no longer seems apt. Going forward, the blog will acquire the name “Jewels in the Mirror.” This name is meant to evoke a focus on the customers who purchase and wear your jewelry.



My mission is to focus on consumers, their perceptions and needs, and to translate this focus into observations that can help you attract customers and serve your customers well.


Weekly Themes:

Monday’s blog will be “Trend Watch,” looking at trends as pictured or portrayed in the consumer press, in ads, editorial copy or celebrity photographs. Who does the trend flatter? When is the trend less successful on an individual? How can the trend be adapted by women of different ages, different personalities, different features? 


Wednesday’s blog will be “Customer Watch,” focusing on the unique physical features of various customers and how that affects their retail experience as they browse through the inventory in your store. Coming from the perspective of an image consultant, I’ll be urging you to look, really look, at your customers and to appreciate the personal design features and unique beauty of each and every customer. How can your jewelry enhance and highlight that beauty? 


From time to time, I’ll add additional blog postings:


“Press Watch” will reference articles or editorials in consumer magazines, and is meant to elicit your comments. My recent blog posting on the article authored by Ashton Kutcher in Harper’s Bazaar is an example.


“Retail Watch” will talk about my experience of a retail location or suggestions for making shopping an exciting, pleasurable experience for your customers.


I invite your questions and comments. I hope this blog stimulates discussion and creative ideas and helps you connect with your customers on an entirely new, very personal level. Here’s to your success!

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