Colored Stone Jewelry to Covet

We see such a volume of jewelry at JCK—and we have such a limited amount of space in our print properties—that it’s sometimes hard to highlight all the pieces that deserve coverage. Thankfully, we now have the blogs on this web site to utilize for image and info posting. Here are a few colored stone pieces that recently caught my eye, and why I find them so appealing.


From Nina Basharova’s Pod and Barbed Wire collections are some really cleverly made interpretations of two different themes. I love these pieces not so much for the colored stones set in the gold, but for the design—stones peeking out of pods, and prongs that resemble barbed wire. Very cool! Plus, Pod comes in sterling silver, making ownership even more accessible. Nina Basharova, New York; (917) 557-6242;


It doesn’t matter what stones the Munsteiner family uses, the way they cut them is extraordinary. I particularly like to see the common stones—citrine, amethyst—used in their jewelry because their spectacular style of cuts transforms ordinary stones into gorgeous ones. Atelier Munsteiner, Stipshausen, Germany; (49) 6544 600;


Oh, Suzy … she has such an eye for great color. Get to know her work if you don’t already; her stone choices are terrific. The rubellite necklace shown here is a version of one that was my “Most Wanted” piece in JCK style spring 2006. In person, those stones reminded me of a Cape Codder—for color and clarity, and the smile it brought to my face just from holding it. I heard that a jeweler in Florida bought that piece to keep, not sell. Enjoy it, lady; that’s a piece I won’t forget. Shown are Princess rings and a necklace from her Red Carpet collection. Suzy Landa, New York; (212) 874-2346;


Here is another fabulous stone cutter—Dalan Hargrave. But Dalan lives stateside, not in Europe, like the Munsteiners. Dalan has won a bunch of American Gem Trade Association Spectrum awards, and also takes ordinary stones and makes them fabulous with his magical cutting powers. One day, I’d love to add a piece or two of his colored stone jewelry to my own collection. It won’t be today, but maybe another day I can. Both stones shown are ametrine. Dalan Hargrave, Spring Branch, TX; (830) 438-8688.