Color Your Fall Jewelry Selection With the Latest Designs From Simon G.

Simon G. green tourmaline and diamond necklaceFamily-owned jewelry powerhouse Simon G. has been rocking our world for over 30 years with irresistible designs, ranging from classic to contemporary, bridal to fashion. Winning numerous accolades, including multiple JCK Jewelers’ Choice Awards, the company has gained massive recognition for its high-quality designs, many of which are affordable for today’s everyday consumer.

Simon G. princess-cut ruby cocktail ring

Simon G. offers an amazing bridal selection—a range of styles, amazing detail, something for everyone, really—but it’s the latest in color that really has a hold on me: Statement pieces glittering in green tourmaline and ruby, deep dramatic hues for fall, with so-hot-right-now blackened metal accents, kisses of rose gold and diamonds, geometric shapes, and design that goes on for days. The retail prices of these particular pieces may not warrant a haphazard pick-me-up from self-purchasing women, but the quality of both gemstones and workmanship is exceedingly matched. Customers on the lookout for luxury will have hit the jackpot and then some.

Simon G. green tourmaline drop earrings

Though definitely breaking the theme of this post here, in case you were looking for something exciting for your diamond clients, there’s this: a multi-strand, bezel-set bracelet, with just over 8 carats of diamonds. You have to love this: Modern, statement-worthy, sparkly—it’s just what we all need, right?

Simon G. bezel-set diamond braceletSee more of the latest from Simon G. on JCK Marketplace.

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