Color Forecasts 2009

When choosing jewelry be sure to keep in mind the colors of the season. The fashion market tells us the big colors for the season will be vibrant shades of blue, green, salmon and fuchsia, perfectly echoed by brilliantly colored gemstones such as aquamarine, tanzanite and sapphire, peridot, green and pink tourmaline, topaz and rhodolite as well as other lower-priced stones that focus more on fashion than on gemological qualities. Casting a romantic mood were muted shades of blue, gray and lavender, favorites at Chanel and Giorgio Armani, the classic shapes embellished with ruffles, beaded trims and embroideries. American star Marc Jacobs and the French classic Christian Dior used bold, chunky jewelry to accent their spring creations. The stage has been set for the entrance of fine jewelry.

Some items to consider in your open to buy this season include:

Rings — most retailers’ leading sales producer has been infused by a wealth of new designs this year. Find the right ring for every occasion, whether it’s an engagement ring, fashion ring or anniversary ring. Choose from a range of new looks, from colored-gemstone and diamond designs to stack rings to serve your fashion customer.

While gift-giving occasions are typically the leading reasons for jewelry purchases, recent studies have shown that the self-purchase market is also growing. What do women buy for themselves? Stylish earrings, necklaces and bracelets. They’re often purchased to accent a particular outfit and have the strongest potential when they provide multiple occasions for wear. Popular items include pavé diamond hoops, flirty dangling earrings in gold or sterling silver, necklaces with diamond-accented centerpieces or sliding pendants, chains with bold link designs, and for the wrist—bangles, cuffs, and customized bracelets. If you haven’t tapped into the gift-giving and self-purchase categories – now’s the time.

Last but not least, be sure to stop by the ETS pavilion for the latest products in display, packaging and bench supplies. In addition to the elegant merchandise, personalized service and strong perceived value most consumers associate with a jewelry store, it’s those subtle reinforcements such as flattering lighting, inviting counter, wall and window displays, distinctive bags and gift wrap that help build a store’s image and keep shoppers coming back.

Happy Shopping!