Color Crush: Summery Jewels in Shades of Citrus


Shades of blue and green are by far some of the most favored during the warm (okay, hot) summer months. They reflect the tones of cool ocean waters, a clear sky, and sparkling swimming pools. But there’s a vastly different—opposite, really—range of colors to crave this season, even if, like me, you find yourself drawn to the turquoise and ceruleans. Why? Because they’re just so yummy. See for yourself: The juicy shades of orange and pink, oft mixed with a dash of yellow, offer that satiating combination that you might not have expected. I long dismissed this combo as something you’d see only on the preppiest of Southern patrons, heavily decked out in designs from the likes of Lilly Pulitzer and Vera Bradley. But it’s so much more. These are the colors of a sunset over the ocean, a delicious mix of juices that quenches your thirst for island flavor, a summery salad of the most delectable citrus fruits. Below are some of my favorite pieces—mixed in with a bit of colorful inspiration—that I’d bet on stocking for summer. These shades will flow seamlessly into fall as well, and it’s never too early to start thinking about the next season!


Sydney Lynch Juicy Fruit Twig cuff bracelet

Sydney Lynch



little h ombre sapphire and pearl Geode earrings

Little h


Omi Prive imperial topaz and ruby ring

Omi Privé






Lauren K Celia Mandarin garnet and pink sapphire earrings

Lauren K