Collection Spotlight: Simon Alcantara’s M31-Andromeda Jewelry

New offerings from the designer are an homage to mythology and a galaxy not too far away

Andromeda has meanings in mythology and in the sky, and both inspired jewelry designer Simon Alcantara to create his new M31-Andromeda collection.

First, the story of the galaxy Andromeda plays out in elliptical forms (Andromeda is a spiral galaxy), and the colors pink, blue, violet, and black (in lapis lazuli, rhodolite garnet, black spinel, black agate, and watermelon tourmaline) represent the gases surrounding it. Next, the tale of the beautiful mythological Ethiopian princess named Andromeda is told through chains, locks, and ropes that speak to connection, strength, and safety. Andromeda is said to have been chained to rocks on the Ethiopian coast as a sacrifice but was saved by Perseus, whom she married, and left to form the galaxy in the heavens.

“In my own life experiences, I have learned that we best empower ourselves when we can face society’s preconceived and accepted social norms and fears, which may prohibit our personal expression,” says the artist. “If we learn to transform these external limitations into tools of individual expansion and creativity, we may discover, access, and inspire true freedom, in ourselves and in those who inhabit our personal galaxies.”

Sixty-five SKUs will ship starting at the end of July to stores that previewed the collection in Tokyo in May. “We are fully booked with orders for the collection for first delivery,” adds Alacantara. “The next shipments will be for early December delivery and orders must be in by end of September. The collection will be available for direct-to-consumer purchases from September 1—just in time for the New Moon in Virgo.”

To date, styles include earrings, and bracelets, but no rings—yet. “I’ve never designed rings because I have not had anything interesting or new to say with rings,” he says.

Retail prices in silver start at $155, though the collection is also available in 14k and 18k gold. Buy-in is $20,000.


Large Double Elipse earrings in silver with metallic embroidery cord, $415


Lock charm bracelet in sterling silver with 1.33 cts. t.w. black spinel handwoven on metallic embroidery cord, $825


Multi-ring necklace in silver with 3 cts. t.w. black agate, 2.65 cts. t.w. hematite, 2.41 cts. t.w. black spinel, and metallic embroidery cord, $1,065

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