Collection Obsession: Garavelli’s Coil on the Rocks

Expanding on its popular Coil collection (diamond rings pictured right), Garavelli‘s Coil on the Rocks pops with richGaravelli Coil diamond rings gemstones and eye-catching shapes and sizes.

Saturated with color, faceted jewel tones like amethyst, smoky quartz, and tsavorite garnet provide the looks worthy of coveting all year long—but why not start with this fall?




Garavelli Coil on the Rocks smoky quartz ring

Garavelli Coil on the Rocks amethyst ring


My favorite: A 20 carat cabochon white opal ring paired with a black diamond border for a stark yet classic contrast (pictured worn by model).


Garavelli model Coil on the Rocks rings


An assortment of cabochon-cut stones are featured, too, like the aforementioned white opal, a dramatic hematite and black diamond combination, and the light-as-air look of turquoise and white diamonds, pictured below.

Garavelli turquoise Coil on the Rocks collection

The Italian-made jewels are a win for those of us constantly on the hunt for statement-making cocktail rings, and I can’t wait to see what Garavelli comes up with next!

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