Collection Obsession: Full-Finger Goddess Rings From Miiori NY

We’ve been lucky this year to see an abundance of edgy and exciting jewelry trends. We’ve experienced that moment when fashion and jewelry collide, and baubles make for not just a finishing touch, but a statement that any ensemble would be far from complete with the abscence of adornments. Somewhere between the punk rock resurgance and the reign of Great Gatsby came the inspiration to decorate our hands in ways that hasn’t been prominent in quite some time. I hesitate to use the word “new,” since trends always seem to come back around—though, I suppose the notion of, say, stacking rings on each finger in various lengths and styles is being embraced by some for the very first time. The look du jour: rings that span two or more fingers, bands that decorate our knuckles, and, the look highlighted here, elongated, full-finger rings. Miiori NY has an entire collection of the exquisite pieces, pairing an edgy, full-on armor for the finger design, with delicate motifs, and—naturally—diamonds. Here are five of the best looks from Miiori’s Goddess collection—aptly named, I think, since donning one would make me feel just so. Don’t you agree?

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Miiori NY Goddess elongated ring

Miiori NY floral full-finger ring

Miiori NY full-finger cage ring

Miiori NY elongated Art Deco style ring

Miiori NY star flower long finger ring

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