Collection Obsession: Danhov’s Trenta Celebrates 30 Sparkling Years

Danhov Trenta collection pendant

I have long admired luxury bridal jeweler Danhov for its stunning selection of engagement rings, with its signature twists and swirls, not to mention its sparkling diamonds. Last fall, I was ecstatic when the company introduced its Abbraccio collection with colored gemstones, available in earrings, pendants, and bracelets with its signature swirl. When I learned about the new Trenta collection, I was doubly excited. Something quite different for Danhov, Trenta commemorates the company’s 30th anniversary with the traditional 30-year stone: the pearl.


 Danhov Trenta collection pearl cocktail ring

It’s quite fitting, not only because pearl represents 30 years of marriage, but also because the gemstone has recently seen a style resurrection. It’s not that the pearl has necessarily shifted in popularity (every gal needs a strand of pearls), but it’s finally gotten the fashion recognition it deserves, with fresh-faced and edgy designs creating a throne for the crown gem to sit on. Danhov’s collection is no exception, even incorporating the so-hot-right-now touch of 18k rose gold.

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“I wanted to design a special handmade collection to commemorate this Danhov milestone,” says owner Jack Hovsepian. “Thirty years of marriage is known as the pearl anniversary, so that’s why the Trenta collection features pearls to mark our 30 years of business in the bridal jewelry industry. Additionally, it was important to me that this special collection be unique and handmade, like the engagement rings we are known for.”

Danhov Trenta collection pearl drop earrings


In fact, the super exclusive collection of three pieces—which only produced 30 numbered sets—is entirely in 18k rose gold. The aesthetic is pure Danhov, with clean lines, row upon row of diamond accents enveloping the center stone; a matching look in the cocktail ring, drop earrings, and necklace. While the trio is limited edition, other color combinations are available for separate purchase.

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