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Citizen Adds More Iconic Characters To Its ‘Star Wars’ Watch Universe


Given the level of fan devotion to the franchise, Citizen president Jeffrey A. Cohen knew the venerable watch company had to get every detail right on the latest additions to its Star Wars collection, giving loyalists the surprise and delight that makes both the films and these watches memorable.

Take the Duel as an example, Cohen says. Its hands are printed in red and blue to represent the light and dark sides of the Force (and their accompanying light sabers). Every Star Wars fan will recognize the meaning behind those details, Cohen says, yet they’re subtle enough that the watch can be worn with your best suit. And its battery-free Eco-Drive Technology makes it a smart purchase.

Then there’s the C-3PO, a model fashioned after Luke Skywalker’s meticulous droid. The all-gold stainless-steel timepiece features two analog “eyes” that make it seem like C-3PO is monitoring your etiquette (and is likely disappointed). There’s also an alarm so Threepio can tell you that you’re late. It’s packed with personality, Cohen says.

The new collection, which went on sale this fall, is part of the larger Star Wars watch universe that Citizen launched with Disney—a longtime partnership that will continue to grow, Cohen says. He says there will be additional watches coming in 2022, devoted to new shows like The Mandalorian.

“We wanted to appeal to more than traditional watch buyers for sure,” Cohen says. “Our watches really take on the essence of the franchise and exemplify the characteristics of the characters, whether it is the light or dark side. We want to produce timepieces that really honor [these characters] in these really iconic ways.”

Citizen hopes fans will see the rich detail and "galactic, golden moments" with its new Star Wars Citizen C-3PO-inspired timepiece.
Citizen hopes fans will see the rich detail and “galactic, golden moments” with its new Star Wars C-3PO timepiece.

Fans largely admire the watches’ design features, including the materials chosen for each, Cohen says.

“We want to make sure the details are subtle but that they also speak to the fans,” he says. “We want that fan to see the colors on Luke Skywalker’s watch, like the blue and green stitches representing the colors of his light saber.… These are meant to delight that Skywalker fan, and we really wanted them to pop.”

Citizen calls the Star Wars collection “an epic joining of forces,” and Cohen says the Disney–Citizen collaboration has been extremely successful. Citizen is the Official Timepiece of the Walt Disney World Resort, the Disneyland Resort, and the Disneyland Paris Resort. Cohen says this decade-plus partnership includes the creation of watch models that showcase the essence of Disney with designs inspired by fan-favorite characters.

“Our Disney partnership is intensive and broad,” Cohen says. “They’re great people to work with on concepts. They’re an idea company. Even a casual fan finds all of their details appealing, and that’s what we do as a company as well. We’re not just selling watches. We’re selling stories. We’re selling ideas and fun.… We want people to enjoy our products and be proud of what they’re wearing.”

Boba Fett is honored in the stainless steel rectangular case that displays a rendering of the character’s trademark olive green and slash of red on the dial, and marked with the iconic symbol of the Mandalorian.
The Boba Fett honors the bounty hunter in the olive green that adorns its stainless steel rectangular case and the slash of red on the dial, and it is marked with the iconic symbol of the Mandalorian.

The Star Wars Ana-Digi collection also has a fun vintage appeal and styling that honors the original film trilogy, Cohen says. These watches pay tribute to Citizen’s Ana-Digi Temp model, which the company launched in the 1980s. The timepiece combines both analog and digital elements in a unique design.

This latest Star Wars collection includes two new limited-edition models with designs inspired by R2-D2 and C-3PO. The watch faces include colors and motifs unique to each character, as well as the Star Wars logo and an illustration of each droid engraved on the case back. The R2-D2 model features white, blue, and red colors as well as the distinctive patterns that appear on the droid’s body.

Citizen is also introducing the Duel and the Mandalorian. The Duel was created to honor the infamous light saber duel between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker. The dial art is of the actual scene itself, and the red and blue hands represent the sabers Vader and Luke held. On the back of the case is inscribed the infamous Darth Vader quote “I find your lack of faith disturbing,” from the original Star Wars film. The watch retails for $295.

R2-D2's stainless steel rectangular case features white and blue colors with hints of red on the dial, and dual time and subdials with both characteristic patterns of the droid's body plates.
R2-D2’s stainless steel rectangular case is designed with white and blue colors with hints of red on the dial; its dual time and subdials are inspired by the distinctive patterns of the droid’s body plates.

The other timepiece takes inspiration from the more recent Disney+ series The Mandalorian, which is centered around the lone bounty hunter who is the protector of the Child. The watch, which has a $350 retail price, depicts the character’s helmet in a shiny application on the dial, and the Mudhorn is featured prominently at 12 o’clock. Both watches are powered by Citizen’s proprietary Eco-Drive technology.

Cohen says he hopes these watches will connect with millennials and Generation Zers, age groups Citizen is going to focus on deliberately in the months and years to come.

“Eco-Drive is at the forefront,” Cohen says. “It’s eco-minded and sustainable, powering a new way we want to talk to the consumer.”

Top: The Duel is one of Citizen’s newest designs in its larger Star Wars timepiece collection, which features iconic characters from the films. (All photos courtesy of Citizen) 

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