CIBJO President: Jewelry Industry is Advanced in Accommodating Principles of CSR

CIBJO President Gaetano Cavalieri said in a speech to the 7th
Annual Meeting of the World Diamond Council in St. Petersburg, Russia that the
jewelry industry is advanced in accommodating principles of the United Nation’s
CSR development and sustainability program.

He used the recent invitation CIBJO received to UNITAR week to
serve as a model of an industry adopting CSR strategies and the recent
agreement CIBJO made with Peru to improve the skills of 12,000 Peruvian jewelry
artisans as examples of the jewelry industry is “making headway.”  

Cavalieri said that it was critical that the World Diamond
Council continue to protect “the integrity of our chain of distribution” and to
engage “in activities that improve the prospects for a better life for families
and communities in the areas in which we are active.”  He also stressed that following CSR strategies should be a
“strategic choice that we make as an entire community.”   

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