CIBJO Appoints Three Chief Executives to Sector Posts

CIBJO, the World Jewellery Confederation, has announced the appointment of three chief executives to sector leadership positions.

Willie Hamilton, chief executive of the Company of Master Jewellers in the United Kingdom, was appointed executive vice president of CIBJO’s Sector B, which covers areas of the jewelry business related to distribution.

British Jewellers’ Association CEO Simon Rainer, who already was serving as a Sector C vice president, was named executive vice president of CIBJO’s Sector C, which covers jewelry manufacturing, technology, and precious metals.

Michael Rawlinson, chief executive of the National Association of Goldsmiths in the United Kingdom, was appointed as the third vice president of CIBJO’s Sector B.

“Our objective in making these appointments is to inject new momentum and proven ability into these sectors, in order to increase their range of activities and improve the level of service that we provide the industry,” said CIBJO president Gaetano Cavalieri in a statement. “All three men are experienced industry association managers, and possess the knowledge and ability necessary to initiate and sustain change in a representative body like CIBJO.”

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