Chow Tai Fook Is Coming to America

The Asian jewelry powerhouse is opening a branded shop at a New York City Macy’s

Chow Tai Fook, the jewelry powerhouse that owns Hearts On Fire as well as thousands of stores in Asia, is making its first foray into the U.S. market by opening a branded shop at a Macy’s in Flushing, Queens.

The 500-square-foot shop opened Nov. 12. It will sell gem-set, platinum, and karat gold jewelry as well as exclusive Chow Tai Fook–branded merchandise.

Flushing, Queens, is known as the Chinese Manhattan, with a large customer base of immigrants and tourists. It is considered the fourth largest commercial district in New York City.

It is not clear if Chow Tai Fook plans to open future U.S. shops, in Macy’s or elsewhere.

A CTF spokesperson tells JCK by email: “We shall wait and see how the feedback from the market is. Our core business focus remains in Greater China while we shall prudently explore opportunities in overseas markets.”

Asked about future collaborations, a Macy’s spokesperson says, “We would not be able to speak to that just yet.”

Chow Tai Fook is considered one of the largest jewelers in the world, with over 2,100 shops in Hong Kong and Macau.

In recent years, it has indicated it wants to branch out beyond its home base in China. In June 2014, it bought U.S. brand Hearts On Fire for $150 million. In July, managing director Kent Wong told Bloomberg that the company plans to increase its U.S. wholesale business. 

(Photo courtesy of Macy’s)

JCK News Director

  • More of our jobs and money going straight to someone else. it is a up hill battle for me trying to “make the Los Angeles jewelry district GREAT AGAIN”. We could be producing our own goods here and creating jobs but it is more profitable for those at the top to just take advantage of others who are not as fortunate as them. Jewelry is made by jewelers and sold by sales clerks. They are the most important and most overlooked people in the chain. The rest are just middlemen raking in the profits of others hard dirty labor . I pledge to do my best to make as much jewelry in our country as possible and also helping some of the “dumped” Pandora dealers. Yes my costs are through the roof operating here paying fair wages and my personal profit might be laughed at by others but I go to bed with a roof over my head and a full belly every nite. I started out as a child acting star in the 1960’s so I know all about big bucks and limousines, That life is just an illusion and not for me anymore, but our jewelry is real and will be here after I am gone!!. I am following the advice I see here and coming out with new and exciting products that are tailored to the individual store using 3D printing technology and made in the USA

  • Really? CTF – i cant wait to tell my wife I got her and original Chow Tai Fook ring! I think she wills end me here:

  • Shiv C

    CTF, the Signet of China. I saw their few store’s in Hong Kong. It is ok, Just Chinese Zales or Kay and nothing much exciting.

    Zales, Kay already carry most items that are made in China.

  • Thanks, Like I thought…. more of our Money to China…. good job, …NOT. Wake up and get our countries s..t together first. Buy from AMERICAN manufactures . How will possible trade restrictions effect us??? if we are doing most of our buying from offshore companies?? It is not all about the profit, try to do some social good.

    • Steve Warden

      American manufacturers ?…if it is not the Chinese must be the Israelis..or the Asian Indians…another industry gone.

  • vizio777

    Check out the owners of CTK and what hey are doing: