Choosing the Ring in Advance…Just in Case

Actress Jennifer Love Hewitt appeared on the Ellen show on Jan. 25, and revealed that she has chosen three engagement rings she likes, which have been put aside at Tiffany & Co. should her boyfriend decide he wants to propose. She said that she’s “doing the guy a favor” adding that she doesn’t want to be upset “if he picks a bad ring.”

Putting aside the issue whether her boyfriend might be feeling a wee little bit of pressure, there is much to be said for every jewelry-wearing individual to develop a “look book” of designs that appeal—pictures of jewelry in favorite styles.

Even if one gravitates toward designs well beyond what the budget will permit, getting a sense of the styles that attract repeatedly can help an individual understand what design elements she or he finds attractive. What are one’s favorite colors of metal and gemstones? How ornate or minimalist are the pieces? What shapes, textures, and design details always appeal?

Creating a look book is as simple as keeping a file folder of advertisements, pictures from magazines, flyers and print-outs of pictures seen online. Alternatively, a look book can be a collection of images kept in a virtual file on the computer, but do consider that if indeed the look book might be used as a source of ideas for a gift-giving significant other, having a paper file of favorite styles that just happens to be readily accessible for perusing by others might be wonderfully helpful.

Of course, this idea applies well beyond engagement rings. Maybe an opera-length strand of pearls or diamond stud earrings, a starburst-shaped brooch, or a lavish cocktail ring set with one’s favorite color stones would make the cut in a particular look book.

Having a go-to jeweler provides another opportunity for dropping hints. Many jewelers keep wish lists for their customers that can be readily referred to by significant others looking for ideas. If you happen to need a new battery for a wristwatch or have some other task that gives your significant other a reason to be at the jewelry store, so much the better.

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