jck las vegas from may 31–june 3.

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Chicago Jeweler Rewards Sales Team With JCK Las Vegas

It’s “Viva Las Vegas” for employees of Steve Quick Jeweler in Chicago, Ill. 

As a reward for reaching the store’s 2012 sales goals, Steve Quick is taking his 22-member team to JCK Las Vegas from May 31 to June 3. “Saying that I am taking them is not really accurate,” he says. “They earned it.”

Quick, who has owned and operated the now three-store company for more than 25 years, started offering the JCK trip as an incentive to his employees over a decade ago. “The trip to the JCK show has proven to be the greatest motivator we have ever had,” he says. “I feel the show is a very important learning experience along with being a great getaway.”

This year, the goal came down to the wire. “We were supposed to be closed New Year’s Eve, but we begged to open the store so we could make the goal,” Cait Skjeie, sales associate at the Lincoln Park store, says.

“We are closed Mondays. Of course I agreed to open the store because they were only $20,000 or so away from their goal,” Quick says. “I have to admit I did not think they could pull it off, but I was hoping they would.”

With Nevada on their mind, the team worked together to reach their goal and achieved it by $800. An engagement ring was the top selling item of the day, but “every sale mattered,” according to manager Dana O’Sullivan.

Even though the team is looking forward to this years’ JCK Rocks the Beach concert, their getaway won’t just be filled with slot machines, desert sun, and cocktails, but will also include networking, business, and buying.

“It’s important to have employees meet vendors. It makes the buying experience more interesting,” O’Sullivan says. “We are looking for a few new lines this year.”

“For our staff to be able to meet the designers and diamond dealers they deal with all year long is very beneficial. We encourage input on buying and selecting new designers,” Quick says.

As for this year’s goals? “2013 goals are about 10 percent above last year,” Quick says. “Each store already has a Vegas goal chart and all employees are at work filling in the numbers.”