Check Out TomTom’s Latest Smartwatch for Golfers

There are wearable devices made for nearly every fitness endeavor.

GPS and wearable brand TomTom is one of the few that specializes in connected devices for the serious golfer.

The wearable maker recently upgraded its Golfer 2 smartwatch, improving functionality.

The jumbo GPS-enabled watch, which comes in a premium model ($249) and a less-souped-up version ($199), features automatic shot detection (showing how far your ball goes) and the ability to evaluate your shots in a postgame analysis using the device’s companion MySports app.

The watch comes preloaded with full course data for over 40,000 international golf courses. When playing a major course, users can check the watch for accurate stats on distances between holes, terrain variances, and any potential pitfalls, shot for shot.

During a game, a graphic of each shot pops up on the screen as users approach the green, spotlighting any obstructions or hazards in front of it. The idea behind this feature: You’re never aiming blindly.

And the Golfer 2 tells users exactly how far their shots go. After the shot, as you walk to your ball, a distance counter on the watch adds up the steps.

Could the Golfer 2 be a good fit for your store’s swingin’ clientele?

(Images courtesy of TomTom)

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