Check Out These Cool, Horoscope-Style Diamond Descriptions

A Meet the Diamonds page introduces consumers to cuts at Brian Gavin Diamonds

Loose diamond and engagement ring retailer Brian Gavin Diamonds has created a clever, fun way to introduce its customers (and prospective clients) to the various signature diamond cuts in its collection. 

Part fortune-telling tarot cards, part illustrated horoscopes—and all tongue-in-cheek—the illustrated descriptions of each diamond cut are presented within original cartoon works of art, each of which attribute specific personality traits to a certain diamond cut. 

Called Meet the Diamonds, the web page features a “card” for the brand’s Signature Round Hearts & Arrows cut, which kicks off with a peppy “Greetings perfectionist!” and goes on to assert that a lover of this cut is “uncompromising in your eye for detail, relentless in your enjoyment of life’s finer things, and you will settle for nothing less than the best when it comes to your diamonds.”



The description of the Signature Princess Cut is equally imaginative: “Welcome, your Excellency,” it reads. “We have just the diamond for you—the Brian Gavin Signature Princess Cut diamond. Since you’ve always been one to follow your own path and blaze your own trail, a traditional round diamond just won’t cut it. With its uniform straight edges, the Signature Princess Cut creates an edge-to-edge brilliance and a superior sparkle.”

The personality traits were written generally enough to appeal to most diamond buyers—which was smart. But, like actual horoscopes and tarot cards, buyers are sure to relate more to one than all the others. And having consumers relate to a product on a personal (or in this case, personality) level is always a worthy goal in retail. 

(Photographs courtesy of Brian Gavin Jewelers)


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