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ChatGPT Has a Lot to Say


Artificial intelligence tools such as ChatGPT have many possible applications for retail jewelers, Jennifer Shaheen, president and founder of Technology Therapy Group, said in a “ChatGPT 101” session at the JCK show on June 1.

Among the ways ChatGPT, which recently released an app, can help retailers: writing social media posts, brainstorming ad copy, reworking past content, generating content ideas, crafting product descriptions, improving copy, and producing team documentation of procedures.

But the tool has its downsides. ChatGPT “can be biased,” Shaheen said. ”It can be inaccurate and delusional. The data in ChatGPT only goes back to 2021. A lot has happened in two years.”

The tool can also be repetitious and slow. And users should always be aware that their data is not secure. “It says in its terms and conditions that it is keeping track of all the things put in there,” Shaheen said. “So if you have something proprietary, don’t enter it.”

Success on ChatGPT relies on exact “prompt engineering,” she said.

“Prompts are a set of instructions,” she explained. “You have to carefully craft your set of prompts. It’s all about the directions, what you want it to do.”

Shaheen likened choosing prompts to asking a genie for a wish. If you were wishing for a diamond, you would want to specify quality and size. If you are looking to write a good product description, you need to specify that you want copy that’s engaging and conversational, benefit-oriented, specific and factual, unique and creative, and evidence-based.

One oft-used trick she mentioned: “Tell ChatGPT to act like a person with a specific background or level of experience.” For instance, if you get a negative review on a social media network and are not sure how to respond, ask the bot to create an even-keeled reply like a customer service person with 20 years’ experience would.

Shaheen also addressed the differences between ChatGPT-3.5, the free version, and the newer ChatGPT-4, which costs $20 per month. “The quality of the writing is better on ChatGPT-4,” she said.

She advised users to back everything up and use the “data export” function. In the end, she noted, “ChatGPT is a tool, not a replacement for people.”

(Photograph by Camilla Sjodin)

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By: Rob Bates

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