Charles & Colvard Debuts Core Bridal Collection

Moissanite jewelry brand Charles & Colvard has introduced a new collection of wedding jewelry that features the brand’s Forever One moissanite setting—which incorporates the brand’s longtime floret logo.

Signature Collection by Charles & Colvard styles include moissanite stud earrings, classic-feeling engagement rings (three-stone, solitaire, and halo designs), and simple pendant necklaces. Every piece in the series includes elements of the floret motif—settings that show off the moissanite the Research Triangle Park, North Carolina–based brand grows in-house.

Together, the proprietary settings and high-sparkle moissanite are meant to “pay homage to the natural gemstone’s discovery as silicon carbide in a meteorite crater by Dr. Henri Moissan in 1893,” according to a company statement. “The more elaborate Signature settings reflect the company’s continued commitment to beauty, with sustainability through petal-shaped elements and Charles & Colvard’s four Cs—clarity, cut, color, and conscience.”

That fourth C, conscience, has become an increasingly potent selling point for the brand—since De Beers and others have ushered lab-grown diamonds into the mainstream, educating the public on the existence and appeal of lab-grown gemstones.

Charles and Colvard ring back
The floret-shaped back of the Signature Halo Hearts & Arrows ring (shown above) by Charles & Colvard, $4,949
Charles and Colvard Signature filigree ring
Charles & Colvard Signature filigree ring, $419
Charles and Colvard east west Signature ring
Signature East-West moissanite ring in white gold, $1,399

“Because moissanite is grown in a lab, Charles & Colvard doesn’t mine, destroy ecosystems, pollute land, or engage in violent trade practices,” reads the company statement.

And company COO Don O’Connell added, “While it’s hard to beat moissanite’s incredible fire and brilliance, durability, and value, we’ve heard our customers tell us they choose a lab-created gemstone because it’s an environmentally and socially responsible choice.”

Where moissanite stones were once viewed as low-cost dupes for diamonds, they do seem to be catching on as eco-friendly diamond alternatives boasting their own cachet: Pinterest’s 2018 Weddings Trends study reported that searches for moissanite were up 294 percent in 2017.

“It’s clear the market is interested in moissanite due to its…ethical sourcing,” said Charles & Colvard’s vice president of marketing, John Lane, who added, “The recognizable floret elements within the Signature Collection perfectly represent our brand and our commitment to quality, sustainable and ethical practices, and an open-minded approach to the world that we share with our customers.”

Top image: Signature Halo Hearts & Arrows Round Statement Ring in 14k Rose Gold, $4,949 (all images courtesy of Charles & Colvard)

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