Chanthaburi gem traders & heaters agree to disclose beryllium treatment

At an emergency meeting of the Chanthaburi Gem & Jewelry Association (CGA) held Wednesday, some of the biggest names in the corundum heating industry formally agreed to disclose the use of beryllium to enhance color, the organization said in a statement translated and distributed by

During the three-hour meeting, described as ” animated” in the statement, held at the Maneechan Resort Chanthaburi, Thailand, influential members of the Thai heating community discussed the outcome of meetings held during the Tucson Gem Show including the Gemstone Industry & Laboratory Conference (GILC).

The 60 association members present unanimously agreed that:

* Chrysoberyl is being intentionally added to the crucible during the new heat treatment to enhance color in corundum.

* All association members are obligated to disclose and to differentiate the new treatment when selling to customers.

* Coinciding with the Bangkok Gems & Jewelry Fair, beginning February 24, all CGA members will adopt a strictly regulated disclosure system for use in all customer transactions regarding the new treatment. Members who fail to adhere to the new disclosure system would be expelled from the CGA.

To further increase awareness, transparency and accountability, the CGA has also opened a new 600-sqm office in the ground floor of the Gem Center, next to the KP Grand Hotel. Located within easy walking distance of the local gem market, a list of all CGA members will be available from the new office as well as the CGA website (

“In effect those heaters and dealers who fail to respect the new regulations will not receive the approval of the CGA,” Adisak Thawornwiriyanont, CGA president, said in the statement. All disclosure disputes should be brought to the immediate attention of the CGA Disclosure Committee who will both liaise between buyers and sellers to resolve disputes and take appropriate action towards respective members.

The specific details of the new disclosure system are as follows:

N – Natural Unheated Corundum
E – Thermal Enhancement
A – Thermal Enhancement Of Corundum Together With Other Minerals In An Environment That Allows Inducing Of Beryllium And Other Elements Into Corundum
T – Treatments

Those present at the meeting said they believe the new disclosure system will create a powerful branding opportunity for the CGA, based upon the introduction of a strict code of professional and ethical standards.

“As exemplified by the new disclosure system, the CGA’s renewed commitment to professionalism will ensure consumer confidence and firmly position Chanthaburi as a reliable and credible source for ruby and sapphire,” Don Kogen, CGA ambassador, said in the statement.

At the meeting the CGA also appointed Mr. Don Kogen (CEO & Founder, as CGA ambassador to act as an information conduit between the CGA, international trade associations, industry captains, laboratories and media.

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