Centurion Jewelry: Still Selling Price Point

If it seems like JCK has been covering price point merchandise for some time, it’s because we have. JCK covered lower-priced jewelry last spring in Luxury’s “A La Mode” section, online during JCK Las Vegas 2009, in the October issue (in articles featuring fine jewelry for $500 and less and for $100 and less), and now, once more, here.

At the Centurion Jewelry show this week, JCK saw a few more offerings that fit in to the frugal fashionista category. Some looks are from late-comers to the ‘hey, here’s my new silver line’ effort (Doris Panos), others are extensions of already well-priced items like Edward Mirell’s titanium and silver, and others, like Philip Stein’s new Fruit watches, are entry-level-price solutions for consumers who want to own a piece of a brand. (Philip Stein has even brought down the prices a smidgeon on its regular frequency technology models.)

The topic of price point is still relevant for retailers who’ve been working hard for the past two years to keep customers coming into stores amidst the recession. For certain, inexpensive bead jewelry à la Pandora, Chamilia, and Troll Beads have helped, as well as buying gold from consumers, but stocking additional lower-priced lines like Rebecca, Henderson Design’s 18k gold and bronze, and others, have been equally beneficial.

SRP: Starting Retail Price

Edward Mirell


Mirella is a women’s line of titanium and sterling silver, SRP $105

img_2039_sm.jpgSome anodized titanium is available for women.


Black Ti is black cast titanium with silver and is made in a process similar to Mokume Gane.

The Mazza Co.

img_2055_sm.jpg Rock crystal quartz and white topaz, as well as metal cutouts, help keep costs down in new pieces here. Gold used is 14k with an 18k gold plating. SRP $460.

img_2059_sm.jpg  Blue topaz earrings are $1,200.

img_2062_sm.jpg Mazza has also expanded its oxidized silver collection. The ring features a rock crystal center and more set over textured silver–”it’s like a ring on a ring,” says Steven Mazza–for $1,130.

Doris Panos


A traditional goldsmith who has just unveiled a sterling and gold plate line. Gold plate is available in rose, yellow, and white. The $1,000 SRP for this material seems high because the pieces are so large and because the stones used are sapphires as well as citrine and quartz. Panos showing us how to wear her jewels.

Fruit by Philip Stein for Viewpoint Showrooms

img_2126_sm.jpg  img_2128_sm.jpg

The new diffusion line is called Fruit because “the frequency technology is as beneficial to the body as fruits and minerals,” according to the company. Who needs vitamins now? Sweet. These pieces feature steel or gold plated cases and silicone straps, and all retail for just $225 (the least expensive model of Philip Stein’s signature line is $500). Fruit watches launch this week in Bloomingdales and Nordstrom, and independent jewelers have the opportunity to purchase them for resale as of this show. Extra watch straps in pretty colors, hand-painted styles, and patent and embossed leathers start at $50.


Match your dad with the cool vintage-looking expansion band model in gold plate. It’s just $260. [This is my father-in-law wearing his gold-tone expansion watch band. Such the trendsetter.]

Philippe Tournaire for Viewpoint Showrooms

img_2142_sm.jpg Downsized belt buckle designs in sterling on leather retail for $424.

Julia Behrends Designs

img_2159_sm.jpg This Centurion Jewelry Emerging designer’s Ice Princess collection features pieces made in a sterling silver and platinum alloy (92.5 percent silver, 3.5 percent platinum, and the rest, other stuff) from Au Enterprises. Rings feature colored stone centers with diamond accents for $900 and up.


img_2173_sm.jpg Another Emerging designer, this company from Israel. Pure silver bangles from the Casyopea collection are really cool and start at $440. They are a great big fun look for the money.



Flower motifs in 18k gold are in silhouette form and come with three different colors of mother-of-pearl discs. A single flower pendant is $395. Mattioli is one of few design firms that hasn’t launched a silver line; instead, it tries to add value to its gold pieces by giving playful options, as is the case with the pearl discs, to accessorize.

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