Celebrity Bridal Jewelry, Volume Two: How the Eldest Jonas Brother’s Wedding Inspires Fresh Jewelry Ideas

The bridal category is the most important category of merchandise for many a fine jeweler. This category is generally considered to consist of engagement rings and wedding bands. However, it may be time for jewelers to think more expansively. Recent celebrity weddings have incorporated jewelry into weddings in creative ways worthy of note.

Last October, for her wedding to Jared Kushner, bride Ivanka Trump designed a diamond headpiece to wear with her bridal gown (see my post “The Influential Bride”). While Trump tapped into the resources of her own jewelry line to create the headpiece, other brides and grooms may want to collaborate with their jewelers to create all manner of special details to make the weddings romantic and very personal.

In December, the eldest of the group The Jonas Brothers, Kevin, married his “Jersey Girl,” Danielle Deleasa. The January 11, 2010 issue of People magazine contains an extensive photo album of their wedding, which can only be described in superlatives for its exquisite attention to detail. The setting looked like a beautiful enchanted forest, even as a blizzard raged outdoors.

The diamond engagement ring and wedding rings for the Jonas-Deleasa wedding were supplied by Jacob and Co. The bride chose a gold and diamond eternity ring as her wedding band. For his part, the groom eschewed precious metal, and selected a stainless steel band set with diamonds. Here are several other fresh jewelry ideas that derive from their wedding:



The invitation was extraordinarily beautiful, incorporating a brooch pinned onto a ribbon. Granted, these are costume jewels, but what a wonderful, wearable keepsake for everyone invited to the wedding.


The Bridal Bouquet

To the base of her bouquet, the bride pinned gem-encrusted charms containing photos of family members. In the case where charms are attached to a bouquet, either someone must remember to remove the charms or a different bouquet must be utilized when it’s time to “toss the bouquet.” It is not uncommon for a bride not to toss the wedding bouquet she carried down the aisle but rather to toss a separate bouquet made up specially for that purpose.

Gifts for the Bride and Groom

According to the press release from Jacob & Co., which provided the rings, “the firm worked with the Jonas’ wedding planner, Michael Russo, to design special customized wedding gifts for the happy couple. Jacob & Co. handcrafted a signature monogram lapel pin for Kevin and a matching diamond pave pendant for Danielle.” It is not clear from the press release who gave these gifts to the couple. Notice the gift to the groom: A man’s lapel pin is cutting-edge style.

Designer Marketing Opportunity

The bride wore with her wedding gown additional jewelry consisting of a diamond bracelet and earrings supplied by Jacob & Co. It is not clear from the company’s press release whether these jewels were her “something borrowed.”


Gifts to Attendants

The maids of honor received Judith Ripka pearl necklaces. Etched on a tag next to the clasp of the necklace was a message from the bridal couple. In this case, each recipient received the same message. Personalized messages customizing each recipient’s gift are another option, another way that a jeweler can add to the specialness of a wedding day.

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