Celebrate November Birthdays With These 19 Topaz Jewels

Before I really, truly got into jewelry (and started to discover an endless world of stones), blue topaz was my favorite gemstone. I still admire it for its striking color, one that pops in any setting; gorgeous in rose, regal in yellow, and striking in white, often (bonus!) affordable in sterling silver. Also before I really, truly got into jewelry, I didn’t know that topaz came in other colors, like the luscious yellow-orange-pink of imperial topaz! Now, though, I’m still really drawn to that particular shade of blue, and as of late I’m intrigued by the shades of smoky topaz. Blame it on the time of year, where brown hues are prevalent and pair beautifully with gold. Yet again, another wise choice as the birthstone for November. Those born in this eleventh month of the year have their choice of shades, and thanks to the versatility of the colored gemstone, their choice of looks and price points, too. In their honor, here are 19 of the latest, most gift-worthy November birthstone jewels.

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Judith Ripka Oasis blue topaz link earrings

Judith Ripka

Pe Jay Creations blue topaz pendant

PeJay Creations


Bassali Jewelry blue topaz wreath pendant

Bassali Jewelry



Frank Reubel Designs Kashmir blue topaz pendant

Frank Reubel Designs

SilverMasterpiece cushion blue topaz pendant


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Heather Moore Harriet Stone initial pendant

Heather Moore Jewelry

Stephanie Kantis mother of pearl Radius pendant

Stephanie Kantis

Lau International beaded blue topaz bracelet

Lau International

Alexandra Alberta blue topaz Hollywood bracelet

Alexandra Alberta

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Loretta Castoro KissMe blue topaz and sapphire ring

Loretta Castoro

Kit Heath Society Blue Cascade ring

Kit Heath

Stuller pave Swiss blue topaz band


Carl K Gumpert blue topaz and diamond ring

Carl K. Gumpert

Marco Moore DeJulie MM blue topaz ring

Marco Moore

Vanna K Gelato blue topaz and amethyst ring

Vanna K

I. Reiss smoky topaz hammered ring

I. Reiss

Ian Saude for Kaiser Gems precious topaz cocktail ring

Ian Saud? for Kaiser Gems

Omi Prive imperial topaz and ruby ring

Omi Privé

S&A Jewellery Design blue topaz suite

S&A Jewellery Design

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