Celebrate February With These 28 Jewels for Every Day

It’s February! The way I see it, it’s the last full month of frigid cold, dreary days. (I sure hope I’m right!) Since we had so much fun celebrating life’s little things in January, it seemed only right to pass February’s winter days by doing the same. So here you have it: 28 small celebrations for the shortest month of the year—and don’t forget the matching jewels!

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Feb. 1: Bubble Gum Day

Royal Imports pink stingray cuff

Royal Imports pink stingray cuff

On Bubble Gum Day, kids pay 50 cents to chew gum in school (feels good to break the rules!), with the proceeds donated to a charity of the school’s choice. Wear something pink and precious to show your support!


Feb. 2: Groundhog Day

Katharine James Sweet Juliet diamond earrings

Katharine James Sweet Juliet diamond earrings

Imagine your life like Bill Murray’s in the movie: If you had to wake up to the same day over and over, you’d at least want to be wearing something fabulous, right? Cue the diamonds!


Feb. 3: Super Bowl XLVII

DeLatori citrine and amethyst necklace

DeLatori amethyst and citrine station necklace

Sport your team colors while serving up the best party in the neighborhood. Not into football? No biggie: Wear jewelry anyway and watch the game for the commercials—and the halftime show. May the best team win!


Feb. 4: Thank a Mail Carrier Day

Oscar Heyman American flag brooch

Oscar Heyman American flag brooch

Rain, sleet, or snow, the mailman (or woman), comes through. Delivering our birthday cards, handwritten letters, and the much-less-popular credit card bills, you can count on them. 


Feb. 5: National Weatherman’s Day

PassionStone diamond snowflake pendant

PassionStone diamond snowflake pendant

Your local weatherperson strives to keep you safe from severe weather, warns you when to grab your umbrellas, and lets you know when to expect that fierce snowstorm.


Feb. 6: National Girls and Women in Sports Day

Zable sports charm bracelet

Zable sports charm bracelet

I wouldn’t recommend wearing your sparkle while playing sports, but after you ladies are done showing the men up, show off your jewelry! 


Feb. 7: Ballet Day

Carlo Biagi ballet bracelet

Carlo Biagi ballet theme bracelet

Whether you’re dancing, watching, or taking your kids to their ballet lessons, there’s no better day than this to appreciate the graceful art.


Feb. 8: Kite Flying Day

Gem Platinum tricolor diamond drop earrings

Gem Platinum tricolor diamond drop earrings

Unless you’re lucky enough to be on a beach somewhere right now, it’s probably a bit cold for flying kites. (The wind is there, though!) An alternative? Kite-shape diamonds.


Feb. 9: Toothache Day

Jane Taylor Color Candy rubellite earrings

Jane Taylor Color Candy rubellite earrings

You might be wondering, who in their right mind would celebrate having a toothache? This day could mean one of two things: 1) You should give your dentist a call; or 2) If you’re trying to achieve a toothache, you should eat a lot of candy. Or you could just sport a jewel from Jane Taylor’s Color Candy collection—sans calories.


Feb. 10: Chinese New Year

Inox snake ring

Inox Jewelry snake ring

Today marks lunar year 4711: the Year of the Snake!


Feb. 11: Make a Friend Day

Meeo Miia BFF pendants

Meeo Miia BFF pendants

A surefire way to make a new friend? Give them some jewelry.


Feb. 12: Mardi Gras

Rellar Gold Mardi Gras bead bracelet

RellarGold Mardi Gras bead bracelet

Do the Mardi Gras mambo, even if you can’t make it to the Big Easy. There’s nothing like some New Orleans jazz to pass the day.   


Feb. 13: Get a Different Name Day

India Hicks initial pendant

India Hicks diamond initial pendant

Ever wish you were named differently? Just for today, everyone must refer to me as Genevieve


Feb. 14: Valentine’s Day

Omi Prive ruby heart drop earrings

Omi Privé ruby heart drop earrings

Whether you have romantic plans or a plan to throw an anti–Valentine’s Day party, it’s still fun to wear red and pink hearts.


Feb. 15: Singles Awareness Day

Joshua J fancy yellow diamond ringJoshua J fancy light yellow diamond ring

Not to be confused with Valentine’s Day. All the single ladies: Buy yourselves a big old right-hand diamond. Because, why not?


Feb. 16: Do a Grouch a Favor Day

Rahaminov green diamond drop earrings

Rahaminov green diamond drop earrnigs

We all have one—in the office, the neighborhood, or even our own home. Some folks are just prone to grouchiness. It might be easy to react with similar meanness, but at least for this day, do your best to smile and offer kind words. I find wearing something that sparkles often helps to keep a good attitude.  


Feb. 17: World Human Spirit Day

Luxury Giftware by Jere lapis world map

Luxury Giftware by Jere lapis world map

On this day, we take the time to reflect on that fact that, despite all of our differences, we are all human, regardless of what country, religion, background. It’s a small world after all.


Feb. 18: Pluto Day

Frederic Duclos Planet necklace

Frederic Duclos Planet necklace

On this day in 1930, Pluto was discovered. The little guy was named a planet on March 13. Since it has since been stripped of its planet status, this may be a day of mourning.


Feb. 19: Chocolate Mint Day

Liberty Investment Exchange mint quartz ring

Liberty Investment Exchange mint quartz ring

Mint chocolate chip ice cream, Andes Candies, mint M&M’s…I may be guilty of celebrating this day more than once a year.


Feb. 20: Love Your Pet Day

Rotenier Golden Retriever cufflinks

Rotenier Golden Retriever cufflinks

If you participated in last month’s Dress Your Pet Day, you probably owe Milo or Otis some extra love. An extra treat, perhaps?


Feb. 21: Single Tasking Day

I. Do Diamonds princess-cut loose diamond

I Do. Diamonds loose princess-cut

It’s technically a work day, so if you’re single-tasking, don’t tell your boss we said so. If you had to pick only one thing to do for the entire day, what would it be? Would you be surprised if we said look at diamonds?


Feb. 22: National Margarita Day

Novobeads margarita

Novobeads margarita

Jackpot! Fellow happy hour enthusiasts will feel right at home today. Plus, it’s a Friday. Coincidence?


Feb. 23: International Sword Swallowers Day

Atelier Minyon sword and skull pendants

Atelier Minyon diamond skull and sword pendants

Maybe leave this one to the professionals, okay?


Feb. 24: National Tortilla Chip Day

Lladro white snacking tray

Lladró Naturofantastic snack tray

I’m not sure if you know this, but I consider nachos one of the main food groups. It’s my firm belief that everything is better with tortilla chips. And Lladró has just the platter for your snacking masterpiece.


Feb. 25: Clam Chowder Day

Steven Douglas clam shell ringSteven Douglas clam shell ring

Which do you prefer, New England or Manhattan? 


Feb. 26: Tell a Fairytale Day

Mazza Crown Prince brooch

Mazza Crown Prince brooch

Princesses, frogs, happily ever afters: You don’t have to be a 10-year-old girl to enjoy a good fairytale now and then.


Feb. 27: No-Brainer Day

Lighting4Diamonds LED

Lighting 4 Diamonds 14-watt LED

Did that light bulb go off in your head? It’s a no-brainer! Take your brilliant idea and run with it!


Feb. 28: Floral Design Day

Lili Jewelry Lily-Cut sapphire bouquet ring

Lili Jewelry Lily-Cut sapphire bouquet ring

The best way to appreciate a beautiful floral arrangement is to display it where everyone can see. Customers will appreciate fresh flowers in your store, and you’ll have a better work day just by having them. 


Miss out on last month’s celebrations, or just want to do them again? Check ’em out here.

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