Ceiling Study: 5 Retail Ceilings That Will Blow You Away

Is your ceiling adding oomph to your interiors?

I’m always surprised how much, as a consumer, I look up—clocking the cracks and crags shaping ceilings all over my little world. And I know I’m not alone in noticing the state of ceilings. 

I was recently talking to a friend about a popular facialist who had opened her own mini-spa, which, my friend reported, was perfect save for the “sad office-paneled ceiling” you were forced to stare at while on your back getting your skin picked clean.

Fine-jewelry shoppers are certainly more focused on the baubles in from of them than what’s hovering above. But a beautifully finished—or gorgeously zany—ceiling is like an amazing rug: It packs a lot of design power. And there’s no better way to spruce up a small space than to add oomph to your space’s topper.

Below, a handful of show-stopping retail ceilings to fuel your inspiration.


Courtesy Dodo

Dodo, a small jewelry store in Florence, Italy, features green tubes suspended from the ceiling, like glamorous green spaghetti, hiding strategically placed lights.

Courtesy Snog

London-based frozen yogurt chain Snog called on funky ceiling specialists Stretch Ceilings to create an illuminated, undulating rainbow effect on its shops’ ceilings.


Courtesy Aesop

Australian botanical brand Aesop created some serious amber waves on the ceiling of its Adelaide store by building a mosaic with honey-toned recycled bottles.


Courtesy Ubiq

Philadelphia-based sneaker shop Ubiq makes exposed lightbulbs look chic.  


Courtesy Japanse Winkeltje

Strips of bamboo hang from the ceiling of Japanse Winkeltje, a Japanese store and cultural center in Amsterdam. 

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