Cartoon Network: Wax Nostalgic With 6 Kid-Inspired Jewels

Who says we have to grow up? Thankfully, the fashion world doesn’t think we have to. In the past couple of seasons, with big names like Opening Ceremony releasing a Mickey Mouse–themed collection, Moschino showing its love for SpongeBob SquarePants, Barbie making her way through the world of fashion retail, and luxury jewelry brands like Mikimoto partying with Hello Kitty—to name only a few—we are living forever young.

 Chamilia Minnie Mouse collection stud earrings



Stuller Disney Tinkerbell star drop earrings



Hello Kitty pave crystal stud earrings

Hello Kitty by SHR Jewelry Group


For those, like me, who shamelessly wear Disney-themed jewelry, the popularity of cartoon style is a beautiful thing. You mean I can wear my Monsters Inc. sweatshirt and make a fashion statement? Imagine that! But for those who prefer to express their inner child in a more subtle way, the character-heavy route isn’t the only one to take. Think bright, popping enamel colors in kid-friendly silhouettes like ice cream cones, hearts, and even unicorns and brightly colored watches ready to pair with those pinafore dresses, sweatpants, mini backpacks, and more. So as I’m writing this, I wonder: Is cartoon fashion a thing they did on purpose or are the ’90s just making a comeback? Perhaps a bit of both. Either way, I dig it!

Appetime Marine mini watch



Hello Kitty white leather wrap watch

Hello Kitty by SHR Jewelry Group



LEGO Superman watch

LEGO by The PSE Group

There is a bonus to stocking these pieces. You and I both know that most trends don’t last forever—which is, in fact, why they’re called trends. But the thing about kid jewelry is, it’s for kids. So when the adults are finished enjoying their playtime, you’ll have some pretty rad gifts for children that mom and dad may just be compelled to walk out the door with. Win-win! But for now, let the big kids have their fun. Being an adult is not always fun and games, and when there’s any excuse to act like a kid, well, I say, take it!

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