Carol Brodie Tells JCK How To Reach Goals

Talk to Carol Brodie if you want to be inspired. Brodie shared her story with JCK in the September issue in “The Go-Getter,” but there was more to her story than could fit in print. The following are tips from Brodie on settings goals, getting what you want, and how to be a Go-Getter.

Carol Brodie

“My whole life I’ve never waited for anyone to approach me. I am a big believer in finding the white space and going for it. If we don’t continuously reinvent the wheel in our careers then we’re stagnating.”
–Carol Brodie, Hollywood stylist, brand builder, jewelry designer, and the force behind Home Shopping Network’s Rarities: Fine Jewelry With Carol Brodie.

1) “Find what you can do that’s not being done-find the white space. Don’t sit around and ‘try’–you have to see [your goal]. You can not get anything in life unless you see it.”

2) “Pick a muse. Pick someone whom you aspire to be like. For me, I loved what Tory Burch did and I loved what Fortunoff did 15 years ago. These were inspiration for me in how I wanted to grow Rarities.”

3) “Hone your thoughts, decide what you want, and decide who you want to be.  We are all brands.”

4) “Build a network of people who can help you to achieve your goal.”

5) “Take a big risk. Don’t be scared or intimidated.”