Car Fires, Smoke Bombs Used in Burglaries

The Jewelers’ Security Alliance is reporting that a burglary ring in California is using vehicle fires and smoke bombs as diversions during the robbery of jewelry stores.

These events are being used to distract law enforcement while they rob jewelers, JSA said in its “Crime Alert” newsletter, issued Tursday. JSA reports three events, in the south San Francisco Bay area near the city of San Jose:

* On Nov. 6 in Saratoga, Calif., a person set off several smoke bombs outside a retail jewelry store located in a patio area. During the commotion the suspect, who had brought rocks with him, broke a front window, reached in, and took merchandise.

* On Oct. 26, Burglars set a vehicle on fire, then pried the back door open and shattered a jewelry case.

* A similar incident occurred on Oct. 14 in San Carlos when burglars sat a vehicle on fire smashed the front glass door and then smashed a jewelry case.

In the last two cases, the vehicle fire was set about a mile from the jewelry stores that were robbed.