Cannes Suffers Second Jewel Robbery in a Week

Cannes is having a heck of a year.

Days after a headline-making, likely record-setting jewel theft in the French city, a nearby luxury watch store also suffered an armed robbery. 

According to a police spokesman quoted by the Associated Press, two armed men, wearing scarves and caps stole what was called a “significant” amount of luxury watches from local chain Kronometry. At press time, there was no loss estimate available.

The BBC reported that no shots were fired in this most recent robbery, and the same store had been robbed in February.

The store is located less than a half mile from the Carlton Intercontinental Hotel, scene of the July 25 theft in which the jewels stolen by a lone gunman reportedly could be worth as much as $136 million.

And these aren’t the only two big jewel thefts in the city this year. Earlier this year, $1 million in Chopard jewels was stolen during the Cannes Film Festival. 

JCK News Director