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Campbell + Charlotte’s New Juju Charms Are Rainbow Bright


If it’s anything to do with rainbows, I’m all over it.

So when designer Jenny Crane McHugh of Campbell + Charlotte sent me the news of her mini release of new colors for her adorable Juju charms, I was eager to see them.

I shared some of the designer’s original Juju collection back in April of 2020, when we were in full-on lockdown mode and desperately in need of some happiness in any form we could get. The line certainly delivered, with rainbows, hearts, flowers, and more—the kinds of shapes you might have doodled in your notebook when you were young and carefree.

This latest mini release expands on one design in particular (or rather, two): rainbows—one with a shooting star, and one without. The styles have been reimagined in a variety of colors that positively spark joy. The hardest part? Deciding on a favorite. Below, a few words from McHugh on the new release, maintaining an independent business during a pandemic, and what’s next for Campbell + Charlotte.

Campbell and Charlotte Juju Shooting Star
Juju Shooting Star pendant in 14k yellow gold with pink and blue sapphires, $3,130

JCK: Tell us a little bit about your original Juju designs.

Jenny Crane McHugh: The Juju collection is meant to be happy, magical, and sparkly. The collection is inspired by our childhood doodles and then elevated from the page with sparkly diamonds and gemstones to a piece we would want to wear today. The collection is filled with whimsical memories of our childhoods because, let’s be real, things like rainbows, shooting stars, and flowers still make us happy today. At the core of each design and each piece is the desire to make the wearer happy—I hope they feel giddy and have a big smile on their face when they wear something from the Juju collection.

Campbell and Charlotte Juju rainbow necklace
Juju rainbow charm necklace in 14k yellow gold with pink ombré sapphires, $2,890

What inspired this mini release of new colors?

I have been really inspired by hearing everyone’s stories of finding happiness in the past 12 to 18 months. There has been a lot to be sad about, but I think people generally want to find reasons to be happy, and people are looking for the little ways to find happiness right now. I have been fortunate enough to send a little bit of happiness to clients that like the Juju charms, and I wanted to find more ways to do that. I took a look at some of my most popular charms and then decided I was going to take my love for color to the next level. I played around with a number of color palates and landed on the ones that made me feel happiest.

Campbell and Charlotte Juju Shooting Star necklace
Juju Shooting Star pendant in 14k yellow gold with green and blue sapphires and diamonds, $3,295

How has the pandemic impacted your business? Is there any part of it that has been beneficial?

Of course there have been so many ways the pandemic has affected small businesses—the longevity, persistence, and unknown of it all is exhausting. But, on a positive note, I think it has helped me focus on making genuine connections with those who have a love for jewelry. I truly believe that jewelry always has a story, and that is probably even more true for anyone purchasing jewelry right now. I think people right now are looking for ways to commemorate special times, gift a little joy, or just lighten the mood, and jewelry is a fantastic way to do that.

Campbell and Charlotte Juju rainbow necklace
Juju rainbow charm necklace in 14k yellow gold with multicolor sapphires and ruby, $2,890

Colorful rainbows are so cheerful and also highly symbolic, for a number of different reasons. Do you feel like customers are demanding more styles like this now, after the past year and a half?

A hundred percent yes! I hear so many thoughtful stories from my clients related to this exact sentiment. People really are just looking for ways to be happy right now, and something about the childhood nostalgia of the Juju charms helps them get there. I truly challenge anyone to tell me a colorful rainbow doesn’t bring a smile to their face!

I’m working with a client right now to help her [decide] which Rainbow Juju she should choose. She wrote me and said: “I’m a pediatric ER nurse, and this year is just getting more and more difficult with the pandemic. I think me wearing this could bring a smile to a lot of kiddos. And I know it would make me happy!” Those stories make me so happy and have helped form the core of what the Juju collection is.

Campbell and Charlotte Juju shooting star
Juju Shooting Star necklace in 14k yellow gold with orange sapphires, $3,060

What’s in the works next for Campbell + Charlotte?
I’m working on a brand-new collection that will launch in the next few months! I am so excited to share it. It was entirely designed during the pandemic so it is a culmination of the emotions and experiences I had over the past year.

Top: A new range of colors for the Juju rainbow pendant collection by Campbell + Charlotte

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By: Brittany Siminitz

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