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Consumers Say Buy Online Pickup In Store Should Be A Long-Term Play


Flexible in-person pickup options such as Buy Online Pickup In Store (BOPIS) ranks as one of the most popular customer-service offers that started during the pandemic, grew in use through holiday 2021, and should continue going forward, consumers say.

A Momentive survey shows that a whopping nine in 10 adults say they want these flexible pickup options—including curbside or BOPIS—well into 2022 and beyond. Momentive, formerly known as SurveyMonkey, talked to more than 3,200 adults to determine what pickup options are the most popular from retailers.

For jewelers and other stores with both online and a physical location, this means it’s important to find ways to create hybrid shopping experiences as well as stress-free pickup options, which are also ways to connect with shoppers both during the holidays and year-round, according to findings from the November Momentive survey.

Momentive research manager Laura Wronski says giving customers choices is one of the most important takeaways for the fashion, clothing, and jewelry industries from this survey.

“Based on all of the research we’ve done, flexibility has become such an important component to shopping these days. Whether consumers specify it or not, they want options that make it easier for the customer to make a choice of getting what they want, when they want it,” Wronski says.

BOPIS is enticing enough that retailers who are looking to boost sales and revenue might want to give it a try, Wronski adds. These pandemic-related behaviors aren’t going to change anytime soon, she says.

“We think these behaviors will outlast the pandemic. We asked people what their main reason was for wanting flexible pickup options, and the top response was they want a less stressful shopping experience. It wasn’t about saving money or COVID,” Wronski says.

Momentive found that nearly two in three U.S. adults have gone in person to pick up a purchase after starting or completing the transaction online during the past 12 months. These consumers value in-person shopping more than ever, Momentive says, but they also want to shop both online and at a physical location.

The survey also found four in 10 U.S. adults said they were more likely to shop at a business that offered these flexible in-person pickup options such as curbside or BOPIS. The reason? Again, it eliminates stress—and that is a hugely powerful motivator, Wronski says.

Across all age groups—especially Gen Z—key stress reducers include saving money on shipping costs (39%), avoiding in-person contact (38%), and a guaranteed delivery time and location (37%).

When coordinating logistics for in-person pickup options, most consumers prefer texting (64%). Mobile app is the second-most preferred communication method. About one in three prefer using email (37%) or phone call (34%). And only 15% prefer to coordinate in-person.

“The pandemic is causing this mental shift among consumers—they’re used to having things delivered to them and then being able to send them off. Amazon in particular has conditioned people to that level of customer service,” Wronski says.

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