Britt’s Pink Pick: Parade Design’s Tourmaline Slice Earrings

Parade Design pink tourmaline slice earrings

It’s the month of pink, and as you may have read in last week’s post, there are a number of brands offering great incentives to purchase products that benefit breast cancer research and awareness. And while I encourage everyone out there to do what you can to donate, be it through a product purchase or by sending money to an organization itself, doing your part to spread awareness doesn’t have to cost anything at all. (Okay, okay, so if you choose to wear these pink earrings, it’ll cost you $4,200.) We wear pink this month not only as a symbol of uniformity and support but also as a reminder to stop and think about breast cancer and to encourage women (and men) to take part in exams and screenings. This month, the color pink matters. So wear your pink T-shirts, your ribbons, your ties. But if I could choose any jewel to rock pink this month, it might just be these earrings from Parade Design. Just under 10 carats of tourmaline slices are decorated with borders of pink sapphires and diamonds, a really bright, very pink effect. These would be a hit any time of year, of course, but in Pinktober, they really stand out. Jewelers, be sure to rock all of the pink jewelry you can manage to pile on in store! I share these earrings not only because they’re spectacularly awesome but to also serve as a reminder never to underestimate the power of color.

More information on these earrings from Parade Design can be found here.


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