Britt’s Pick: ZIVA’s Red-Hot Deco-Style Bracelet

ZIVA Art Deco-style bracelet

I’ve never really paused to consider whether my taste in jewelry truly favors vintage or modern, but I suppose given my eye for really bold, different-looking pieces, I would learn toward the latter. I love giant cocktail rings and blingy earrings, bright colors and blackened metals, new-age pearl looks, and chunky gold. And still, I worked a lot with vintage pieces in retail, learning how to tell the difference between a new diamond and an old diamond, imagining the stories behind those pieces, stories that would never be revealed. I drool over Art Deco gems and old-mine and euro-cut diamonds, gaining satisfaction when I’m able to spot that open culet and delight in explaining what I’ve learned about why it’s there in the first place. I’m proud to have that knowledge, even if I do tend to covet more contemporary pieces overall. This bracelet from ZIVA, though, is a combination of some of my favorite things. No old stones here, but there are more than 10 carats of diamonds, and the Art Deco style is unmistakable. Where this piece would look perfectly gorgeous with sapphires, typical of 1920s style, instead it burns hot with 7 carats of rubies, which to me, makes it look really bold. They do say that red is a power color, and it suits this 18k bracelet just fine.

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