Britt’s Pick: Yael Designs’ Omen Opal Necklace

Yael Designs Omen opal necklace


Though Omen may often be associated with a popular 1976 (and 2006) horror movie, the word is also used to signify that something good is about to come. And if a 21 ct. opal isn’t a good thing, well then, consider us all evil. Yael‘s double-strand statement necklace, with bezel-set diamonds accenting everywhere you look, is a purveyor of all things sweet and wonderful. Usually I’m more instantly drawn to the cool, multicolor blue-greens of a black opal, but I love the contrasting softness of this one, set ablaze by a frame of fire opal accents. It’s warm, for when winter’s not. I know it’ll be a hit come autumn, too, when we’ll again be in the mood for earthy tones and pops of bright (it’ll be here before you know it, watch and see). Truly, it’s one for the seasons and the years—an heirloom-worthy creation destined to be celebrated.

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