Britt’s Pick: Churchill Downs Necklace by Vincent Peach

Now is the time either to pick up a new hobby or practice an old favorite (that is, if you can find the time to do so, between working from home, homeschooling your kids, and just generally trying to get used to life as we currently know it).

Despite our general lack of travel, people are still finding ways to make isolation look good on Instagram, with some friends of mine showing off beautiful solo walks through floral paths, bicycling through serene forests, and kayaking through crystal clear waters. My current situation involves none of those things, but if I had to imagine the perfect scenario, I’d be on horseback, and I guess while I’m painting my fantastical picture,  my four-legged friend and I would be trotting through the countryside somewhere, preferably surrounded by vineyards. And, I guess if this is all make believe, my friends and family would all be there too.

I’m a semi-experienced rider (meh, it’s been a while), so the feel of mounting a horse isn’t foreign. There’s something calming about the idea, imagining a breeze as we move slowly along a winding path, dotted on each side with grapes. Grapes! I would love some grapes.

Since the horse is a symbol of freedom—wild, adventurous, beautiful—it’s an apt choice to represent the present, given our probable lack of feeling free. Horses represent determination, a driving force. Horses also very much speak to my adolescent self (if you’ve ever watched Bob’s Burgers, the character Tina is a pretty solid representation of a preteen me).

And so I also find comfort in this necklace by Vincent Peach, from the Nashville, Tenn.–based designer’s Churchill Downs line.

With its 14k yellow gold bit, accented with multicolor diamonds against blackened silver, it’s the next best thing to the silhouette of an actual horse, but more subtle and so plenty more versatile.

Horse paraphernalia is a constant in Peach’s offerings, and the Equestrian collection has become a mainstay over the last few years and one that appeals to a wide range of audiences (the rider set is particularly enamored with the pieces). From good luck to a chic symbol of an upper-crust lifestyle, you can understand why the Equestrian collection could appeal to almost anyone.

There are other versions of this particular necklace available—a sterling silver model, for example—but I find the two-tone (or actually tricolor) style quite appealing, especially with the earthy multicolor diamonds. Another easy-wear piece that would do as well worn with a T-shirt and sweats (quarantine chic, as it were) as it would with a little black dress.

Top: Churchill Downs necklace in sterling silver and 14k yellow gold with 0.67 ct. t.w. multicolor diamonds, $1,335

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